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ICC Foil Resist 3802

ICC Foil Resist 3802


3802 Foil Resist Additive helps to resist foil adhesion when applying foil in a heat press.  Note that it may slow down the flash times of some plastisol inks. It will spot dry, with very low after-flash tack, in 3 to 8 seconds depending on the flash unit used and the ink the additive is mixed into.

Too much heat / time may cause the mixed ink to become sticky after flashing. Adjust flash unit accordingly. When flash curing, the ink should be just dry to the touch, with no lift off, but not totally fused. Totally fusing the ink mixed with 3802 may cause some adhesion problems with the foil that is being applied.

Final curing / fusing should occur in the dryer.  For best foil application results, it is important to apply foil within 24 hours of printing and while print is warm.  Always stir in and mix this additive thoroughly, maximum 10% to 15% by weight. 

Do not use 3802 Foil Resist Additive as is. The additive must be mixed into another ink before use.  On some fabrics, wicking to the side of the image may occur if too much 3802 is used in the mixed ink.

Test to make sure this is not happening before and after the foil application process.  Wash tests should be performed before beginning production runs.