Holiday T-Shirt Screen Printing Ideas for December 2023

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The holiday season is in full swing, and if you're a screen printer, there's still time to infuse some festive flair into your offerings–or save these ideas for next year! Whether you're looking to spread the holiday cheer or offer unique gift options, the following t-shirt ideas are here to inspire your creative process. 

Keep in mind that these designs could just as easily be printed on a tote bag or sweatshirt, so don’t feel limited to only t-shirts!

Merry Christmas T-Shirt

Spread the joy with this simple yet classic "Merry Christmas" t-shirt design. The vibrant red lettering stands out against the backdrop of a festive green holly motif, creating a timeless and cheerful design that embodies the spirit of the season. Feel free to adjust the font to your own preference, and alter the ink color depending on the color t-shirt you plan to use. 

Festive Sweater Print T-Shirt

Embrace the cozy vibes this season with a festive sweater print t-shirt. In red and white ink, this shirt features a delightful pattern of repeating deer and trees, capturing the warmth and charm of your favorite holiday sweater in a wearable form–without any of the itching! If you do want some extra warmth for the cold weather, you can consider printing this design over a crewneck sweatshirt, which would look just as fabulous.

Christmas Tree T-Shirt

Featuring a bold line drawing of a Christmas tree in vibrant green ink, this t-shirt will get you right in the spirit of the season. A great design that anyone in the family could wear, the dotted star “ornaments” in red and white throughout give a nice subtle touch that elevates this design. For further customization, you can use different ink colors for the “ornaments” to add even more depth to the t-shirt. 

Holiday Cookie T-Shirt

Indulge in the holiday spirit with a holiday cookie t-shirt. A red tee adorned with a variety of decorated cookies creates a playful and mouthwatering design, perfect for those with a sweet tooth and a love for all things festive. If you plan on handling the holiday baking this year, this could be the perfect uniform to don during all your baking activities!

Dreamy Snowflake T-Shirt

Step into a winter wonderland with a dreamy snowflake t-shirt. Light snowflake outlines in white ink gracefully dance across a black tee, creating a sophisticated and enchanting design that captures the magic of a snowy holiday season. This is also the perfect design that you can wear all winter long–not just during the holidays! Again, feel free to print this design on any other garment or item you wish for the perfect wintertime accessory. 

Ho Ho Ho T-Shirt

This "Ho Ho Ho" t-shirt features playful bubble letters cascading down the center in a playful yet refined design. In a merry blend of red, green, and white ink, this shirt captures the whimsical spirit of the season, something that both adults and children will love. The lively design adds a touch of fun to your holiday wardrobe, making it a perfect choice for celebrating this holiday season in style.


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