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How to Sell Custom Screen Printed Apparel

Starting your custom screen printing apparel shop gives you an exciting opportunity to flex your creativity and technical skills while exploring a lucrative career path. But, when it comes to knowing how and where to sell your apparel, you can be left with many questions as you navigate the early stages of your business. 

In this guide, we’ll discuss some of the most common channels where you can sell your custom screen-printed apparel. 


Launch an E-commerce Store

Today, a large portion of business takes place online. So, having an e-commerce store is essential for reaching a wider audience and maximizing your sales potential. This allows you to sell to customers around the country or even the world, not just those located in your area. 

You can use platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce to easily set up an online store and showcase your custom apparel products. Take clear, professional-looking photos of your products, and make your website optimized for mobile to enhance the customer shopping experience. 


Open a Physical Shop

If you prefer a more traditional approach, you might consider opening up a brick-and-mortar shop. This is an excellent way to attract local customers and gain the support of your community. Plus, visitors to your shop will be able to see and feel your wonderful creations in person before making a purchase. 

Look for a location with good foot traffic and an affordable lease if your current workshop wouldn’t be feasible as a storefront. You might even want to offer additional services or promotional events like on-site customization or workshops to attract customers to your store. 


Use Third-Party Marketplaces

Another option for selling your custom screen-printed apparel is to list your products on a third-party marketplace like Amazon, Redbubble, or Etsy. 

These platforms are designed to help creators sell their products and already have a large customer base visiting their sites each day. So, this makes it easier for you to reach potential buyers from the get-go. But, be aware that you may have to pay fees or commissions to the site for using their services. 


Partner with Local Retailers

Collaborating with local retailers or boutiques can help you expand your reach and access new customer demographics without having to lease a storefront on your own. Reach out to stores that align with your brand aesthetic and values, and propose a partnership where they sell your custom apparel in their shops. 

This arrangement can be a win-win situation, as it allows you to reach customers who may not have discovered your apparel otherwise while providing retailers with unique, locally-made products to offer their customers. 


Sell on Social Media

Lastly, you can leverage popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. All of these platforms offer powerful tools for promoting and selling your custom screen-printed apparel directly to your audience. 

You can show off your creativity through this channel by creating engaging content showcasing your products. Plus, you can use features like Instagram Shopping or Facebook Marketplace to make it easy for customers to make their purchases right from their social media accounts. If you want to take your marketing one step further, you can use influencer partnerships and user-generated content to expand your reach and build brand awareness. 

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Screen Printing Trade Show Events to Attend in 2024

One of the best ways to stay on top of industry trends, familiarize yourself with emerging technologies in the field, and network with other screen printing professionals and vendors is to attend trade shows. Taking a look at the year ahead, there are many screen printing trade show events being held that you might want to check out. 


Decorated Apparel Expo (DAX)


What: Created for the embroidery, digital garment decorating and screen printing industries, the Decorated Apparel Expo provides attendees with access to the latest equipment and techniques, supplier networking, industry experts, and more. You can even score free registration if you register before a certain deadline, which varies depending on your desired location. 

Where: Kansas City, MO; Treasure Island, MN; Tinley Park, IL

When: February 23-24, 2024 (MO); March 15-16, 2024 (MN); April 19-20, 2024 (IL)

Registration Link: (Kansas City) (Treasure Island) (Tinley Park)

Graphics Pro Expo


What: Held in five different locations across the US this year, the Graphics Pro Expo is an affordable three day conference built around education, access, and community for the industry. Professionals from various categories will be in attendance, including apparel decorating. Aside from learning new category-specific techniques and skills, attendees can learn how to build their businesses and explore new profit centers. 

Where: Irving, TX; Long Beach, CA; Greater Philadelphia (Oaks), PA; Indianapolis, IN; Charlotte, NC

When: March 7-9, 2024 (TX); June 13-15, 2024 (CA); July 10-12, 2024 (PA); October 3-5, 2024 (IN); November 7-9, 2024 (NC)

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Impressions Expo


What: A regional trade show created for the decorated apparel industry, attendees will be introduced to new products, networking opportunities, and educational sessions to help them adapt for the changing landscape of the industry. From curated workshops and seminars to keynote speeches, the Impressions Expo agenda is designed to provide you with actionable insights and access to top exhibitors in the space. 

Where: Atlantic City, NJ and Fort Worth, TX

When: March 21-23, 2024 (NJ) and October 24-26, 2024 (TX)

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Printing United Expo


What: A comprehensive conference for the entire print industry, with exhibits, demos, and education for each community within the industry. Tens of thousands of attendees will be present at the Printing United Expo, spanning categories like graphic installers, labels and packaging, apparel decoration, and more. Attendees can make connections with industry peers, check out new products, try out emerging technologies, and listen to notable keynote speakers

Where: Las Vegas, NV

When: September 10-12, 2024

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2024 Screen Printing Trends: What You Need to Know

2024 is in full swing, and if you want to take this year by storm and know what’s in and what’s out for the screen printing industry this year, we have you covered. As you continue reading below, we’ll talk about some of the hottest trends taking off in the screen printing space in 2024 and provide you with helpful tips to implement them into your own business. 

Greater Focus on Sustainability

One trend that we anticipate will only become more and more popular as the years progress is a greater focus on using sustainable practices in screen printing. This might include using recycled substrates, eco-friendly inks, and reducing your water consumption to start going green. 

You don’t have to completely overhaul your entire operations in 2024 in the name of sustainability. Instead, make small changes here and there to help you implement more long-lasting practices that you can stick with. 

Leveraging Social Media

In 2024, the integration of digital technologies will impact all industries, including screen printing. As your screen printing business evolves for the digital age, social media will likely become a more useful tool to help market your printed products. 

If you haven’t started using social media already to promote your business, let 2024 be the year you start! There are many advantages to leveraging social media to grow your printing business, and it doesn’t have to take up too much of your time each week. 

You can start by uploading behind-the-scenes footage of you creating your prints, or posting photos of new items for sale in your shop! You can ramp up your interactions online as you become more comfortable with using social media. 

Revival in Retro-Style Graphic Tees

It seems like each year, a different decade from the 20th century becomes a fashion inspiration for the year–and 2024 will likely be no different. This year, we’ll likely see many screen printers take advantage of the retro revival once again, this time focusing on graphic tees that were largely popular in the 90s. 

If you want to try this nostalgic trend out in your own shop, consider incorporating vibrant ink colors, retro typography, bold patterns, and 90s pop-culture-influenced prints that customers of all ages can get excited about.  

Growing Interest in Artisanal Items

Artisanal or handmade goods are becoming more popular with consumers lately, with the global handmade market expecting a CAGR of 4.7% from now until 2030. While the projected growth for these items looks promising over the rest of the decade, there’s no need to hesitate, and many screen printers plan on exploring this avenue in 2024.

While screen-printed items could already be considered handmade, a growing number of consumers are looking for more unique and locally-made items rather than mass-produced goods that anyone in any location could find. Screen printers looking to take advantage of this trend in 2024 may want to focus on creating unique, smaller batched prints on locally sourced garments or substrates to give their items an authentic and artisanal feel.

Holiday T-Shirt Screen Printing Ideas for December 2023

The holiday season is in full swing, and if you're a screen printer, there's still time to infuse some festive flair into your offerings–or save these ideas for next year! Whether you're looking to spread the holiday cheer or offer unique gift options, the following t-shirt ideas are here to inspire your creative process. 

Keep in mind that these designs could just as easily be printed on a tote bag or sweatshirt, so don’t feel limited to only t-shirts!

Merry Christmas T-Shirt

Spread the joy with this simple yet classic "Merry Christmas" t-shirt design. The vibrant red lettering stands out against the backdrop of a festive green holly motif, creating a timeless and cheerful design that embodies the spirit of the season. Feel free to adjust the font to your own preference, and alter the ink color depending on the color t-shirt you plan to use. 

Festive Sweater Print T-Shirt

Embrace the cozy vibes this season with a festive sweater print t-shirt. In red and white ink, this shirt features a delightful pattern of repeating deer and trees, capturing the warmth and charm of your favorite holiday sweater in a wearable form–without any of the itching! If you do want some extra warmth for the cold weather, you can consider printing this design over a crewneck sweatshirt, which would look just as fabulous.

Christmas Tree T-Shirt

Featuring a bold line drawing of a Christmas tree in vibrant green ink, this t-shirt will get you right in the spirit of the season. A great design that anyone in the family could wear, the dotted star “ornaments” in red and white throughout give a nice subtle touch that elevates this design. For further customization, you can use different ink colors for the “ornaments” to add even more depth to the t-shirt. 

Holiday Cookie T-Shirt

Indulge in the holiday spirit with a holiday cookie t-shirt. A red tee adorned with a variety of decorated cookies creates a playful and mouthwatering design, perfect for those with a sweet tooth and a love for all things festive. If you plan on handling the holiday baking this year, this could be the perfect uniform to don during all your baking activities!

Dreamy Snowflake T-Shirt

Step into a winter wonderland with a dreamy snowflake t-shirt. Light snowflake outlines in white ink gracefully dance across a black tee, creating a sophisticated and enchanting design that captures the magic of a snowy holiday season. This is also the perfect design that you can wear all winter long–not just during the holidays! Again, feel free to print this design on any other garment or item you wish for the perfect wintertime accessory. 

Ho Ho Ho T-Shirt

This "Ho Ho Ho" t-shirt features playful bubble letters cascading down the center in a playful yet refined design. In a merry blend of red, green, and white ink, this shirt captures the whimsical spirit of the season, something that both adults and children will love. The lively design adds a touch of fun to your holiday wardrobe, making it a perfect choice for celebrating this holiday season in style.


Screen Printing Resolutions: How to Elevate Your Craft in the New Year

The new year is quickly approaching, and with it, many screen printers are finishing off the year strong with the rush of the holiday season. But, even while you’re busy with orders this time of year, you can still look forward to the year ahead and acknowledge your growth opportunities. 

This is the perfect time to set your resolutions and goals for 2024 so you can elevate your craft and stay at the forefront of what’s new in the industry. Take a look at some of the following ideas for screen printing New Year’s resolutions that you might want to consider adding to your own list. 

Master Specialty Inks and Finishes

2024 could be the year that you delve into the world of specialty inks and finishes. If you’ve ever wanted to try out metallic inks, glow-in-the-dark inks, and high-density inks for more unique dimensions in your designs, now is the time to push yourself to experiment! You can even try out finishes you have yet to utilize in customer designs like foil stamping, puff ink, or soft-touch coatings to set your prints apart from your competitors. 

Think of some of the customer requests you’ve had but turned down because you weren’t comfortable with the technique. This can give you a great starting point for what specialty ink or finish you want to master in the new year. 

Invest in Newer Equipment

In the new year, you may make it a point to upgrade your equipment to improve efficiency and expand your printing capabilities. Whether you want to get your hands on a more advanced exposure unit or new online software for creating progressive designs, the new year is as good a time as any to make an upgrade. 

Even if there’s a slight learning curve to adopting new equipment or technology, embrace the challenge and understand that investing in new tools can enhance your productivity and output quality. 

Going Green

Across all industries, vendors and merchants are trying to find ways to adopt sustainable practices that are more environmentally friendly. The screen printing industry is not immune to such trends, and there are countless ways that forward-thinking screen printers can make their operations more sustainable.  

One of the biggest changes you can make is to use recycled materials and substrates for your printing projects to align your business with more conscious consumers. Another way you can go green in 2024 is to lean more towards using water-based inks, which have less of an impact on the environment compared to plastisol ink. 

Growing Your Online Presence

Being a screen printer in 2024 means you need to do more than just master your craft. Today’s digital landscape means having a strong digital presence is crucial for business growth. If you haven’t already, make one of your 2024 New Year’s Resolutions building or refining your website and leveraging social media to showcase your portfolio and engage with your audience. 

You may end up surprised to see how much your online presence can help you gain more visibility and open up more opportunities and collaborations with other business owners. 

How to Prevent Ink Cracking: 4 Helpful Tips

You’ve created stunning designs and gone through the entire screen printing process with care, but you can’t seem to prevent the ink from cracking once the prints are complete. Not only can this affect the quality and longevity of the prints, but the cracks can take away from the visual appeal of the print as well. 

Ink cracking is a common problem that screen printers deal with, and it is to be expected to some degree, especially when you’re just starting out. However, there are some ways to help prevent cracking, which you can check out in the following tips and suggestions for high-quality and long-lasting prints. 


1. Choose the Right Ink and Additives

To set yourself up for success to avoid cracking, you need to select the correct ink for your project. If possible, select the ink that is best suited to the material you’re printing on, like cotton or polyester, as it’s specially formulated to bond with the specific fabric. This means it offers better flexibility to the design after it’s been printed, which can reduce the risk of cracking. 

In some cases, you may consider using additives to modify the properties of the ink for less cracking. This might include stretch additives or curable reducers, which can make the ink more elastic and easier to work with. 


2. Proper Curing and Drying

One of the biggest culprits for screen print cracking is that you’re not properly curing or drying the print. Luckily, since it’s such a common issue, it’s an easy thing to remedy by simply giving the print enough time to fully cure or dry before it gets worn or handled. 

For the best results, you’ll want to follow the curing or drying instructions provided by the ink manufacturer. This might involve a unique process like exposing the print to UV light or using a heat press for proper curing to occur. 

Following the recommended technique will help the ink create a secure bond with the material you’re printing onto. Otherwise, the print could become unstable and more prone to crack when the item is subject to stretching or other manipulation. 


3. Pay Attention to Ink Thickness

Be aware that the thickness of the ink layer you apply to the garment can significantly impact the risk of cracking. Different designs may call for different ink thicknesses. However, an ink layer that is too thick can become inflexible and more likely to crack. 

In general, a thin, even ink deposit is less prone to cracking, though it still can crack given the other variables we’ve discussed. This also requires screen printers to choose the proper screen mesh count for the ink they’re using and the design they’re creating. Plus, the more printers can fine-tune their techniques and master the proper squeegee pressure and angle for an even ink deposit, the less cracking they’ll notice in their designs. 


4. Test and Adjust

Each screen printing job you take on is completely unique, so keep in mind that many variables can impact the outcome of your prints. Aside from following the above suggestions, your best bet to prevent cracking is to test out different printing techniques, materials, inks, and curing processes to find what works best for you and make adjustments as needed. 

You will learn best from experience, so you should find the combination of factors that leave you with the highest-quality prints. Each time you’re trying out a new technique or product, make sure you test it out first to identify potential issues before you turn the work over to customers.