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Screen Burning Services & Pre-Burned Screens FAQS

What is an Arena Digital Screen Burn?

The Arena Digital Screen process uses a CTS (computer to screen) system with a thermal head that heat perforates an image onto mesh laminated with film. Arena Digital Screens drastically simplify the work flow required to burn a 1200 dpi print image without a need for the emulsion or film positives conventional screen making uses. Arena Digital Screens do not require light exposure, chemical cleaning or wash-out.

Can I see examples of prints done on an Arena Screen?

The image prints and videos displayed throughout the site were screened using Arena's 200 Digital Mesh. For each image or photograph, only a single pull was used for each color. Arena's digital mesh perfectly captured the half tones, gradients and fine lines that a traditional mesh could never replicate.

How Do I Clean An Arena Digital Screen?

Cleaning and maintaining your Arena screen burn is less involved than the process required for traditional mesh screens.

All you will need to clean and tape off image areas on our screens are Paper Towels, ink cards and a non-citrus based screen opener specific to Plastisol or Water-based inks. 


We use Camie 480 Screen Opener exclusively for all plastisol inks and AlbaChem Water Based Screen opener for water-based and discharge inks. 


Whatever brand of screen opener you use, never use a citrus based screen opener. Citrus based cleaners are too acidic for the screens and will only erode the emulsion in the fibers.


Begin by removing all the excess ink surrounding the print area with the ink card or a plastic edged scraper. For water-based inks, it will be ok to use a damp paper towel with the ink card to remove the excess ink. For plastisol inks, only use a dry paper towel- there will never be a need for a single drop of water when removing plastisol inks. In fact, using water or a damp cloth on plastisol will only work to smear the ink without a meaningful result. 


Never attempt to clean the screen with a shower head or the traditional washout booth. The pressure from the spray will annihilate the mesh and your screen will be unusable.


Also, when using water based inks, it is important that you wipe the ink immediately after the last print. If you allow a water based ink or discharge ink to sit for more than a minute, the ink will begin to permanently set into the mesh and your screen will be unusable.


Once the excess ink has been removed, spray on a steady layer amount of the Camie 480 or AlbaChem screen opener and remeber to use only a dry paper towel to begin cleaning Plastisol ink from the image field. Repeat this process 3-4 times, applying moderate pressure to the mesh while wiping. There is no need to spray more screen opener than necessary when cleaning. You will see a halo effect around the image area even after cleaning. This is normal and won't affect your next print run. 


Apply the same process to the underside of the mesh. Once you're confident that the ink has been fully cleared, let the screen air dry for 5 minutes before applying the next color or storing for future use.

How does Arena digital mesh compare with traditional mesh counts?

Arena Digital Screens come in only three mesh counts. The thermal print process makes it possible for our mesh to hold more "image information" creating higher resolution burns. If you are more accustomed to using a specific mesh count for your prints, you can achieve the results you're looking for using this comparison:


For photographs, fine lines, gradients, tiny fonts use: 

Arena Digital Mesh 200 replaces Traditional Mesh Counts of 230/280/305


For less detailed line art, or artwork using fills and fine details use:

Arena Digital Mesh 120 replaces Traditional Mesh Counts of 160/200


For full fills, heavier inks and larger elements use:

Arena Digital Mesh 70 replaces Traditional Mesh Counts of 60/90/110 

How many newtons are Arena Digital Screens stretched at?

Screen Burns using the Arena 200 or 120 Digital Mesh are stretched at an average of 20 newtons. Arena 70 Digital Mesh will be delivered at an average tension of 15 newtons. Traditional pre-stretched frames are usually purchased with an average tension of 18 newtons.

How Many Total Prints Can I Get From An Arena Screen Burn?

We do not recommend printing more than 3000 prints with a single screen burn. Let us know if you have a multi-color print job that requires more than 3000 total prints. We do have the ability to double the life of the screen burn if you are printing vector artfiles or an automatic press.


Let us know if you are using an Automatic press. We can advise you on adjusting the pressure of the scraper blade and squeegee.

Can I reclaim and reuse the Digital Mesh screens?

Arena Digital Screens NEVER need to be reclaimed. In fact, if you try to wash our screens in a wash booth, you'll destroy the mesh. The frames we ship you can be re-stretched with traditional mesh if you needed to reuse the frame. We also can buy back all used frames in exchange for a discount on your next burn order.

What Is The Difference Between Standard and Same Day Turnaround?

Orders placed and approved before 11am PST can qualify for Same Day Turnaround. In most cases, your screen burn will be ready to ship by the "end of business" within 24 hours from the time you approve your digital mock-ups or print proofs. We will not burn your screen until we receive your email approval. Failing to approve the digital mock-ups will delay your Same Day Turnaround. Orders placed on weekends or after the close of business on Fridays will be pushed to the next business day. Approval delays will affect turnaround time.


If your order is placed within normal business hours, the Standard Turnaround time takes 3 - 4 days from the date you approve the digital mockups or print proofs, excluding weekends, holidays and delivery time.


We do offer expedited shipping as an option. Neither the Standard nor the Same Day Turnaround options include expedited shipping. USPS ground shipping will be the default shipping option offered at checkout and requires 2 - 8 business days. If you need your screen burn delivered Next Day Air, 2 Day Air, or Priority Express, you will be solely responsible for selecting and paying for those options at checkout.

How Do I Tape Off Image Areas On The Screen?

To tape off sections of your screen that don't need printing, clean the mesh first then simply cover the section of the image that you don't want printed with a paper towel. Use the True Blue Painters tape to tape down the edges so the pad stays in place. If you are needing to print in multiple colors, the only tape you should use on the digital mesh is True Blue Painter's tape. Traditional blue polyurethane tape can be used if you do not intend on ever removing it. If you do use and attempt to remove the traditional screen tape, the mesh will tear. Additionally, If you do not apply the pad and attempt to use the blue painters tape without protecting the image area, the adhesive from the tape and ink will combine and permanently set into the mesh. If this happens, there is a great chance you'll tear the screen while removing it.

Can I Reprint In Different Color Plastisol or Water Based Inks Using The Same Screen Burn?

The only inks we can't recommend using our screens for are glitter metallics. Water based, Plastisol, Varnish and Graphene-based inks all work with our mesh.


Absolutely. Simply clean the ink off of both sides of the mesh using a dry paper towel with Camie 480 Screen Opener for Plastisol inks and a damp paper towel and Albachem Water-based Screen Opener for water-based and discharge inks.


No other chemicals should be used to clean or prep your screen for the next print run.

What is File Optimization & Image Prep

From time to time, clients are only able to supply raster graphic files that need converting into print ready vector files that are optimized for our screen burning process. Arena offers this service at a cost per each image file. You will receive the vector file versions for your records and future use. Arena does not provide custom design work. Should you need a starting point for commissioned design work, we recommend, and

The starting cost for most small to medium vector file optimization is $50. This could vary depending on the detail and size of your image.

Can I reprint in a different color ink using the same frame?

Absolutely. Simply clean the ink off of both sides of the mesh using a dry paper towel with Camie 480 Screen Opener for Plastisol inks and a damp paper towel and Albachem Water-based Screen Opener for water-based and discharge inks.


No other chemicals should be used to clean or prep your screen for the next print run.

What is the actual image size that can be burned on each screen?

The print areas of our digital screens are slightly larger than a traditional screen burn:


20" x 24" Standard Size Screen = 13" x 18" image area

23" x 31" Large Size Screen = 18" x 24" image area

25" x 36" Extra Large Size Screen = 18" x 29" image area


Will I be able to see a print proof before you burn the screens?

Absolutely! The best part about our digital screen service is that we are able to print an exact copy of what your image will look like once after you print. We send digital mock ups with every order to confirm the image size, resolution and placement. For more complex artwork, you can request thermal print proofs of each screen burn layer. With these print proof images, you will literally be able to see fine lines and half tones.

Can I return my used frames?

Yes, Arena will buy back each used frame for a $2.50 credit on your next screen burn order. If have 3 or more used frames and want to send them back, let us know when you're ready to return the frames and we'll send you a pre-paid mailing label. Please visit our Frame Buyback Contact Form.

Shipping & Returns

What Is Arena's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee / Return Policy?

If you have supplied the print ready art files and approved the Print Proofs with a verifiable email confirmation, your Pre-burned screens are replaceable or refundable only if:


1. The return request is made within 10 days from receipt of merchandise unless stated otherwise.
2. The screen is delivered torn or damaged

3. Arena has received the returned screen  

Email to get the process started.

Replacement Screens:
Unless new artwork is supplied, replacement screens ship within 2 business days from the day we receive the request. All replacements will be shipped via UPS Ground. Expedited shipping options are available for an additional charge.

Screen Returns & Refunds:
Refunds are given in the same form of the original payment used for purchase within 1 to 3 business days of receipt of the return package. Refunds will be processed only when we receive the damaged or canceled screens back to our Phoenix facility.

Shipping and handling fees are not refundable unless the return or exchange is a result of our error.

How long do the screens take to ship?

Standard Shipping & Free Shipping is done through USPS Priority Mail. We are located in Phoenix, Arizona and depending on your distance from us, it can take 2 - 8 days for your frames to arrive.


Alternative shipping options for overnight or 2 day delivery are available at checkout. Feel free to Live chat or call us at 602-357-3288 if you need expedited shipping or have special shipping instructions.

Can I track my order?

Yes, you will be provided with a tracking number for your order by email once your purchase has shipped.